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Past Clinical Immersion Weekends

Our clinical workshops focus on close attention to clinical process from an object relational perspective. Clinical material from the analyses of two adults and one child/adolescent are presented to a guest consultant. The workshop is limited to 40 participants which promotes a warm, collegial atmosphere and invites active engagement from participants.

October 14, 2023


Consultant: Bernd Nissen

Berlin, Germany

Presenter: Marina Mirkin

M. Fakhry Davids
May 20, 2023

Consultant: M. Fakhry Davids

London, England

Presenter: Johanna Boyce

October 16, 2021

Consultant: Avner Bergstein

Ramat Gan, Israel

Presenter: Susan Donner

Rudi Vermote
October 15-16, 2022


Consultant: Rudi Vermote

Kortenberg, Belgium

Presenter: Cheryl Jacobson 

Nicola Abel-Hirsch
May 14-15, 2022

Consultant: Nicola Abel-Hirsch

London, England

Presenter: Mina Levinsky-Wohl

Dominique Scarfone
May 15-16 2021

Consultant: Dominique Scarfone

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Presenter: Lyn Yonack

Marilia Aisenstein
October 19-20, 2019

**This event was cancelled**

Consultant: Marilia Aisenstein

Paris, France


Lucinda Di Domenico, Alistair McKnight & Joshua Loewenstein

May 18-19, 2019


Consultant: Patrick Miller

Paris, France

Presenters: Christine Anzieu-Premmereur, Caron Harrang & Dolan Power

Rosine Perelberg
October 13-14, 2018

Consultant:  Rosine Perelberg

London, England

Presenters: Frances Arnold, 

Britt-Marie Schiller & Matthew Shaw

Micahel Parsons
May 19-20, 2018


Consultant: Michael Parsons

London, England

Presenters: Edward Kenny,

Jessica Londa & Noha Sadek

Anne Alvarez
October 14-15, 2017


Consultant: Anne Alvarez

London, England

Presenters: Kim Foehl,

Randall Paulson & Evelyn Pye

Giuseppe Civitarese
May 6-7, 2017

Consultant: Giuseppe Civitarese

Pavia, Italy

Presenters:  Lucinda DiDomenico, 

Lawrence Brown & Linda Gelda

Irma Brenman Pick
October 15-16, 2016

Consultant: Irma Brenman Pick

London, England

Presenters: Bliss Rand,

Joan Harrison & David Levoy

Antonio Ferro
May14-15, 2016


Consultant: Antonino Ferro

Pavia, Italy

Presenters: Dennis Plant,

Norka Malberg & Alison Phillips

Riccardo Lombardi
October 17-18, 2015

Consultant: Riccardo Lombardi

Rome, Italy

Presenters: Rodrigo Barahona,

Daria Colombo & Julie Watts

Ron Britton
May 9-10, 2015

Consultant: Ron Britton

London, England

Presenters: Lilia Feinberg,

Monte Stambler & Shelley Rockwell

Catalina Bronstein
May 2-4, 2014


Consultant: Catalina Bronstein

London, England

Presenters: Marlene Kocan,

Karen Melikian & Adam Narva

Virginia Ungar
October 19-20, 2013

Consultant: Virginia Ungar

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Presenters: Kim Boyd,

Ingrid Geerken & Laurie Stalker

David Bell
May 4-5 2013

Consultant: David Bell

London, England

Presenters: Chris Lovett,

Mike Moore & Carol Rubin

Riccardo Lombardi
October 20-21, 2012


Consultant: Riccardo Lombardi

Rome, Italy

Presenters: Wendy Katz, 

Jonathan Kolb & Sam Roth

Antonio Ferro
May 5-6, 2012

Consultant: Antonino Ferro              Pavia, Italy

Presenters: Jane Kite,

Gabriella Legoretta & Judy Yanof

October 22-23, 2011

Consultant: Robin Anderson            London, England

Presenters: Jack Foehl,

Stephen Kerzner & Karen Roos

Past Seminars

Bion's Second Thoughts: Early Papers and Later Reflections

Seminar Leaders:  

David Power and Dolan Power

February-March 2017

Learning from Experience: Bringing Bion's Work Alive Through a Close Reading

Seminar Leaders:  

Chris Lovett and Karen Roos

October-November 2016

Engaging the Psychotic Part of the Personality: Transforming Primordial Terrors

Seminar Leaders:  

David Power and Dolan Power

February-April 2016

Clinical Application of the Work of Wilfred Bion

Seminar Leader:  

Howard Levine

January-February 2016

What's Happening Now? A Kleinian and Bionian Perspective on the Clinical Hour

Seminar Leaders:  

Larry Brown and Karen Roos

October-November 2015

Past Conferences

The International Conference on the Work of Frances Tustin

July 2014
Boston Park Plaza Hotel​

BGPS organized the conference.

Frances Tustin

BIon in Marrakesh, Morroco

March 2013

This conference was co-sponsored by BGPS.

Marrakesh, Morroco

The 7th Annual Bion in Boston International Conference

July 2009

Boston Park Plaza Hotel

This conference was the first that BGPS organized.​

Wilfred Bion

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